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Black Egg Donors

Fertility is something many of us take for granted. It can therefore be a shock if problems occur when trying for a baby. Around 1 in 6 couples have difficulty conceiving by natural means and some of them would need medical help to start their family.

Ebony Concept is a bespoke platform specialising in the provision of donor egg and surrogacy services to women/couples of black heritage to help fulfil their fertility needs.

Black Egg Donors

Here at Ebony Concept we help source black egg donors from around the world and bring them to the UK to help black people who are experiencing issues with their eggs. includes sourcing, screening, recruiting, counselling, consenting, stimulating, collecting the donor eggs, synchronising donor/recipient cycles, preparing recipient for embryo transfer and supporting donor and recipient afterwards. Black Egg Donations are not a common practice in the UK and it is due to the small number of donors available in the UK which is why Ebony Concept have setup with service to specially cater for Black UK citizens who are having trouble starting their own family.

An IVF treatment can provide you with a suitable egg to carry your child, our staff are highly trained to guide you through the whole process and can give you one to one support and advice which is structured around you and your requirements. Around 3,000 babies are born in the UK via IVF treatment and is becoming a more common practice for people around the world who are having issues with reproduction.

Black Egg Donations

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Nigerian Rep: +234 816 710 1272

With every IVF treatment we accept we have to specially plan a treatment which is most suitable for them. Which will make them feel the most relaxed during the IVF treatment stage through to the birth of the child. We provide two donors at a time but doesn’t mean that you cannot reject both applications, and you will be provided an alternative two donors to choose from until you have picked your perfect donor.

Once you have selected the perfect donor, we need to then sync their cycle with yours, this can take up to 2-3 months to complete and you will be kept updated through the whole process to ensure you know what stage of the treatment we’re at.

We match our donors to your specifications, and we feel It is very important to understand that this takes time to find someone who matches your criteria. All matches are qualified, and background checked to ensure a smooth transition.

Package Costs

Ebony Concept donor egg is a complete package that includes hospitality within Nigeria and also includes all your airport transfers and accommodation. Our packages start at £8,500 we offer flexible payment options.

Practical Steps

Below are some practical steps along the pathway for sourcing a surrogate or egg donor through Ebony Concept:

• Contact Ebony Concept to discuss your requirements
• Ebony Concept would formulate a proposal with timelines for your consideration
• Agree proposal and timelines with/without variation
• Agree preferred location for engaging with clinical teams
• Commence process

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