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Surrogacy and Donor Egg Service for the African Community

Afro-Caribbean & Black Egg Donors in the UK

We are an international ‘Surrogacy and Donor Egg procurement service’ for women/couples of African heritage. Our goal is the fulfilment of your dream of starting a family.

Black & African Surrogacy

We are borne out of realisation of the paucity of and urgent need for such services for people of African heritage in the UK and worldwide. This is an individualised quality service built on internationally recognised standards as a cooperative with fertility service providers in Lagos (Nigeria).

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Black & African & Surrogacy in the UK

Nigerian Rep: +234 816 710 1272

Surrogacy Services for the Afro-Caribbean Community

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Reproductive Health

Your reproductive health is our top priority; reason we produced this bespoke cutting-edge, individualised, cost-effective and confidential reproductive health service to meet your fertility needs.

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    Why Choose Us?


    We have been involved in the field of fertility service provision across the UK and Nigeria for over 20 years. We understand the needs of our clients and have resourced cost-effective solutions to meet those needs.


    Our dedicated team includes leading fertility specialists from the UK and Nigeria, as well as Fertility Nurses, Embryologists/Andrologists and Fertility Counsellors. Together, we provide this bespoke and innovative service, giving our clients the best possible chance of a successful outcome.



    Our fees and pricing structure are very competitive and flexible, providing our clients with stress-free financial management of their fertility journey.



    The outcomes we achieve for our clients for both fresh and frozen IVF and ICSI treatment cycles are in the top quartile of rates in our regions of practice (Nigeria and UK). Ebony Concept gives you quality service and an excellent chance of conceiving and making your family dreams come true.


    We offer a range of services from black African egg donors to African surrogacy, here at Ebony Concept our goal is to give you the best care and attention throughout your fertility journey.

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    +234 816 710 1272
    To speak to our representative in Lagos (Nigeria).

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