African Egg Donors

Here at Ebony Concept, we provide a unique service to source African egg donors in the UK for couples hoping to conceive through IVF Treatment. In addition to this, we can also facilitate African egg donation if you are considering becoming an egg donor.

African Egg Donors

At Ebony Concept, we provide a specialist service to find African egg donors to enable women, who are experiencing issues with fertility, the chance to conceive via IVF. Unfortunately, it can be incredibly troublesome for couples and women of African descent to source African egg donors in the UK, simply because there are a very small number of available donors.

Here at Ebony Concept, it is our goal to remove this difficulty by offering a personalised service to provide couples and women with the best chance to successfully conceive by using African donor eggs.

Ebony Concept is pleased to support you all through the donor egg IVF treatment pathway including:

Deciding which African egg donors to work with

Reaching an agreement about what kind of IVF cycle to utilise

Extensive preparation for pregnancy

Support through the treatment cycle and afterwards

Advice & support during the pregnancy

We offer a range of flexible payment plans as we want to make sure our services are accessible for as many as possible


Payment Packages

Our donor egg service package is comprehensive and includes local hospitality in Nigeria including airport transfer and accommodation. Package costs start from £8,500 and include flexible payment options subject to agreement.
Get in touch with us for more information.

Why Use Donor Eggs?

If you think that African egg donation may be a viable avenue for you to explore, we are here to help. Many couples experience fertility issues and IVF is, arguably, the most common fertility treatment offered to women as there can be great success. Here at Ebony Concept, our role is to find you the ideal African egg donor so that you may use those eggs as part of your IVF procedure to increase your chances of a successful conception. We work with well-established donor recruitment organisations locally who we have vetted and satisfied ourselves utilise ethical principles in their recruitment and treatment of African egg donors.

There are many reasons why you may be considering donor eggs as a way to build your family. Some reasons are:

Age Related

Problems With Your Eggs

Past Medical Treatment

Genetic History

Same Sex Couples

& Many More

Together, we will work to make your treatment journey seamless and stress-free. We would typically match potential donors as closely as possible to your specifications and offer you a choice of two donors to choose from each time.

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    What Are You Interested In?

    What is the Donor Egg Process?

    1. Getting Started

    If you are considering IVF treatment using donor eggs, the first thing you need to do is call our friendly team. They will answer any preliminary questions you may have, and book you a consultation with one of our fertility specialists. At this point we will do a review of your medical history, considering any treatments, or investigate procedures you have already had. During this you will be required to undergo a scan and several blood tests, along with a sperm sample analysis in cases where a male partner is involved.

    2. Choosing Your Donor

    Here at Ebony concept, we have a substantial data base of potential black donors. When you meet with our coordinator, they will not only let you have sight of our donor database but will introduce you to our personalised matching service.

    We insist that anyone who is contemplating conceiving using donor eggs meets with a counsellor. The purpose of this is to ensure that they are fully aware of the broader implications associated with IVF, and the egg donation process. We feel that without all the information people are unable to make a fully informed decision.

    3. Preparing For Treatment

    Once you have chosen your donor and everything is agreed, you will then have a consultation with a doctor. At this point your personal treatment plan will be agreed and outlined. This will be followed by a meeting with a senior nurse, at which final screening tests will be organised and consents signed allowing your treatment to begin as soon as possible.

    4. Treatment

    You will be required to take hormone tablets for around 10 days prior to transfer, the reason for this is to ready your womb for implantation. Throughout the whole process, you will be monitored regularly by our specialist team. This will take the form of blood tests and ultrasound scans.

    Donor eggs provided by your partner or donor will undergo fertilisation in our hi-tech lab facility until they reach the blastocyst stage. This usually takes around five or six days, and on completion the fertilised eggs will be assessed for suitability. Any eggs not used in this cycle can be frozen for use at a later date. Frozen eggs can be stored for a period of anything up to ten years.

    5. Embryo Transfer

    Once fertilisation is complete, we will transfer the embryo into the womb with the assistance of an ultrasound. This is an easy and painless procedure which will not require anaesthetic, in fact you will be able to resume normal daily life almost immediately.

    Women generally only have a single embryo transferred at any one time, this is to ensure there is no chance of multiple pregnancies. All remaining embryos can be stored for future use should another cycle prove to be necessary.

    Become An African Egg Donor

    As well as being able to source African egg donors to assist women who are having difficulty conceiving, we can also facilitate African egg donation. The demand for healthy eggs continues to rise, therefore if you are interested in becoming an egg donor, we would love to hear from you. Our fertility experts can help you to donate your eggs to allow another woman the chance to get pregnant via in-vitro fertilisation. Whether you are looking for African egg donors, or if you would like more information about African egg donation and how your eggs could help other women, we are here to help. Contact our team today.

    With only a small number of available donors in the United Kingdom, we are always eager to meet potential African egg donors in the UK. To qualify for egg donation you must:

    Be a healthy woman between the ages of 18-35

    A healthy woman of African Heritage

    Our fertility experts will guide you through the process and ensure that you are content and well looked after. Donated eggs can be used to enable women to get pregnant who have previously experienced issues, for instance, those who have poor quality eggs of their own or those who have failed IVF.  To join our list of African egg donors in the UK, and to find out more about compensation for becoming an egg donor, call or email our team today. 

    Egg Donor

    Compensation Payments

    Did you know that you could be compensated up to £750 if you successfully donate your eggs? This compensation is to cover any expenses. To find out more about compensation for becoming an egg donor, call or email our team today. 

    What Are The Benefits Of Donating Eggs?

    When you donate your eggs you give a meaningful gift that has the potential to change lives and create families. And by offering you the highest standards of care, there are benefits for you:

    Fertility health check & genetic screenings

    Compensation for your time

    Past Medical Treatment

    Breaking down taboos

    The reward of a job well done

    & Many More

    Together, we will work to make your treatment journey seamless and stress-free. 

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      What Are You Interested In?

      The Egg Dontation Process

      1. Getting Started

      Prior to selection as an egg donor prospective candidates will be required to undergo a rigorous selection process. This will include the completion of a detailed questionnaire that will then be reviewed by our fertility experts. If you meet the criteria laid down you will be invited for additional screening. This will involve meetings with our coordinator and a counsellor to ensure you have a full understanding of the procedure any implications for you. All this is designed to make a decision on your suitability for egg donation.

      2. Eligibility checks

      Once your suitability has been determined you will be invited to our clinic for a fertility assessment with a member of our consultation team. This will involve both a blood test, and a pelvic ultrasound scan. This allows us to make an informed decision on your current fertility health, and schedule your personalised egg donation cycle.

      3. Consent forms & screening tests

      Once you have met with the consultant, we will arrange for you to meet with your appointed coordinator to go through the various consent forms that are required. They will also outline all the medication that is required during the egg donation cycle. Finally, we will make an appointment with one of our counsellors who will speak with you to ensure you are fully aware of all aspects of the egg donation process.

      4. Getting ready for egg collection

      Once your egg donation begins, our team will be on hand to guide you through the process. This will include arranging all scans, and closely monitoring how you respond to any treatment you receive, which includes the stimulation medication that will administered over a period of two weeks. During this period you will undergo 3-4 scans to monitor progress, the results of which will determine whether we need to adjust your medication.

      5. Egg collection

      When your scans indicate the time is right, your eggs will be collected. This is a safe and relatively straightforward procedure that takes around 30 minutes. In most cases you will be able to return home within an hour of completion, and resume day to day activities. It is usual for a review consultation to be arranged for two weeks later to discuss your thoughts on the process.

      “A wonderful and very helpful i am from foreign country he was very understable and patient for me.before and after operation he answered all my questions and tried to support me!i highly recommend him as he saved my life, because now i will be able to have children.he made my dreams came true!!!

      “An absolute profesional dedicated to his career and a true gentleman, for me the attention to detail was 1st class. For any woman thinking of going to see this Dr, don’t think about it, do it, you are in great hands. Thank you Dr Edi-Osagie for making my life full again

      Dr Edi-Osagie diagnosed my stage 3 endometriosis when I was trying to get pregnant. I had a laparoscopy and treatment and I finally conceived my miracle. The treatment extended to my husband as we both had problems. It was very emotional to go back to see him with my little girl! I had a subsequent surgery to repair the damage I had after delivery and his care and expertise was second to none. He has been so flexible and made sure everything was OK and I could contact him directly after surgery. He is now my point of reference and I wouldn’t trust anyone else.

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