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Afro-Caribbean Egg Donors

Here at Ebony Concept, we can find Afro-Caribbean egg donors in the UK to give you the best chance of a successful outcome, and we can also facilitate Afro-Caribbean egg donation if you are interested in becoming an egg donor. 


Ebony Concept specialise in the provision of Afro-Caribbean egg donors and facilitate Afro-Caribbean egg donation in the UK to enable women and couples to fulfil their fertility needs. If you are considering IVF with Afro-Caribbean donor eggs, we are here for you.

Afro-Caribbean Egg Donors

Ebony Concept provides a comprehensive Afro-Caribbean egg donor service that includes sourcing, screening, recruiting, counselling, consenting, stimulating, collecting the donor eggs, synchronising donor/recipient cycles, preparing the recipient for embryo transfer and supporting donor and recipient afterwards. Afro-Caribbean egg donations are becoming a very popular solution for women who are experiencing issues when trying to become pregnant due to previously failed IVF or problems with their own eggs.

Roughly around 3,000 babies are born in the UK alone each year, due to IVF treatments becoming a widely accepted way to start a family of your own. Ebony concept has designed their services especially for Afro-Caribbean people to help them start a family of their own. We understand the impact not been able to start your own family which is why we have provided our services especially for Afro-Caribbean people who are in the UK. If you are looking for Afro-Caribbean egg donors in the UK, or if you are interested in becoming an egg donor, we are here for you. 

Afro-Caribbean Egg Donors

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How Can Afro-Caribbean Egg Donation Help You? 

We understand that every woman taking apart in IVF treatment requires one to one treatment specially designed around them and their needs which is why we have a dedicated and experienced team who will guide you through the entire process of our IVF treatment. All egg donors are qualified by our team of experts who specialise in the sourcing and qualifying of women suitable to provide Afro-Caribbean egg donation. 

We aim to make your journey of your IVF pregnancy as smooth and stress free as possible, we aim to ensure that your donor matches your given criteria you will be given a choice of two potential matches each time we find suitable donors, but doesn’t mean that you have to agree to one of the two provided. Once you have found your perfect egg donor, we will provide you with a treatment timeline that will provide us with enough time to synchronise their cycle with yours. Completing a typical IVF cycle can take around 2-3 month.

We Are Looking For Afro-Caribbean Egg Donors UK

Are you interested in becoming an egg donor? Here at Ebony Concept, we are always keen to meet women who are interested in donating their eggs due to continually rising demand. According to HFEA Guidelines, an Afro-Caribbean egg donor must be a healthy woman between the ages of 18-35. You may even be compensated up to £750 if you successfully donate your eggs to cover any losses or travel expenses during the process. To find out more about becoming an egg donor, please call us or complete our online contact form. 

Package Costs

Here at Ebony Concept, we provide our customers with a comprehensive package which will vary depending on your requirements. However, this can be agreed and discussed in detail with our fertility specialists. The cost of our package starts from £8,500 and can be paid through our flexible payment plan.

Practical Steps

Below are some practical steps along the pathway for sourcing Afro-Caribbean egg donors through Ebony Concept:

• Contact Ebony Concept to discuss your requirements
• Ebony Concept would formulate a proposal with timelines for your consideration
• Agree proposal and timelines with/without variation
• Agree preferred location for engaging with clinical teams
• Commence process

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