5 tips for choosing the right surrogacy agency

If you are thinking about using a surrogate to expand your family, or if you are considering becoming a surrogate mother yourself, it is vital that you are able to choose a surrogacy agency that is right for you. As with a lot of things in life, you want to get as much information as possible to inform your decision.

With fertility services in particular, you want to ensure that the surrogacy agency you choose offers a sensitive, positive approach to the whole process, with the correct amount of support in place for everyone involved.

But how do you know where to start?



Here are 5 tips for choosing the right surrogacy agency


1. Find out how surrogates and intended parents are screened

A professional and reputable surrogacy agency will perform extensive screening on all parties involved to ensure that the process is as seamless as possible. Whether intended parents or a surrogate mother, it’s imperative that everyone is emotionally, physically, and mentally prepared. Surrogacy is a process that comes with many responsibilities and risks, so it is the obligation of the agency to check that all are happy and healthy enough to proceed.


2. Think about the costs involved

As a private option, surrogacy – as with any other fertility option – comes with a cost. You need to ensure that the monies involved are affordable and in line with your current circumstances. Some surrogacy agencies may offer finance options, whereas others require payments upfront. Make sure that you have total comprehension of how to fund your surrogacy process as any hidden costs may become problematic as the process progresses.


3. Be clear about legal protection

Surrogacy is a unique service and as such, it is essential that all parties are protected not just from a health perspective, but from a legal perspective too. A trustworthy surrogacy agency will have strong relationships with a range of legal bodies and will facilitate any necessary paperwork to protect surrogate mothers and intended parents.


4. Consider your individual circumstances

Of course, it’s important to make general considerations when choosing a surrogacy agency e.g. references, experience, professionals involved, costs, etc. However, it’s equally as essential to consider your own individual circumstances and requirements too. Here at Ebony Concept, we specialise exclusively in matching black and African surrogate mothers with African and Afro Caribbean intended parents. Some agencies may not be able to offer this unique service and therefore, the timeline may be extended. A good idea is to prepare a comprehensive list of questions to pose to a range of agencies to make certain that all your non-negotiables are met.


5. Speak to former surrogates

With anything, it is always a good idea to communicate with previous or existing service users. If you gain a comprehensive understanding of other people’s processes and experiences in using a particular surrogacy agency, you might feel more at ease with what to expect. A review of any description can always be useful in enabling you to make a confident choice, arguably moreso when it comes to choosing a suitable surrogate agency.



Was this helpful? We hope so!

If you are considering becoming a surrogate, or if you are seeking a surrogate mother, it is important that you feel assured in your decision. You want to work with an agency that provides safe, professional care throughout the entire process, regardless of your circumstances. Careful research, communication and honest conversations will certainly help you on your way to making your choice and beginning your journey.

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